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“I haven’t had a flat stomach since my first son.”

“For the last year or so, I just can’t get back to the body I used to have.”

“I exercise a lot, and I watch what I eat. Will I ever look like me again?”

These are common complaints heard by a host of women following a pregnancy. As is well known, women’s bodies can change dramatically after having a baby, whether it be the first child or the latest, and it can be a source of anxiety for those who aren’t ready to trade their figure in for motherhood. The reality is that most women’s bodies are significantly affected, and that having a baby is not a trifle.

This can be looked at in one of three ways:

  1. Glass Half-Full – “This is my new body, and I accept it.”
  2. Glass Half-Empty – “I will never be happy with how I look.”
  3. The Alternative View (which we’ll call “Glass Refilled”) – “I am actively going to change my body to look the way I want it to.”

For those who choose option #3, let us say: bravo.

Mommy Makeovers

If you are one of the women in the last category, you may be wondering: “What are my options?” There are many techniques to help bodies return to their former glory, varying in efficacy, price, and severity. Done concurrently, these processes are known by the general term “Mommy Makeover” — that is, a series of procedures that alter a woman’s figure post-pregnancy. In this post, we’re going to explore the most popular and the most successful.

Breast Augmentation

One of the main concerns of women after pregnancy — and especially after breastfeeding — is that of sagging breasts. Unfortunately, there is a large genetic component at play, and with most, this is something that can’t be helped. While activities such as light weight lifting  or purchasing new supportive bras can help in the short term, most women will only return to their previous perkiness with some cosmetic assistance.*

There are two options for breast augmentation:

  1. Breast Augmentation via Liposuction – For select patients, there is the option to transfer fat, which is removed via liposuction, to the breasts, resulting in fuller, more natural breasts. The benefits are obvious — removing fat from areas where it isn’t wanted, and putting it in areas where it is sounds like a no-brainer. Consult your doctor to see if this procedure is right for you.
  2. Breast Lifts – This surgery excises loose skin and tissue, in order to create a tighter feel and a more youthful appearance, firming up the breasts, and maintaining a natural aesthetic.
  3. Breast Implants – Traditional implants will definitely firm up one’s breast by replacing lost volume and correcting asymmetry, as well as increasing the size.

Tummy Tucks

The area most obviously affected by pregnancy is the stomach. After housing your child for nine months, the skin stretches, and fat accumulates in the core region, attaching itself to the love handle region, the hips, and the tummy. Cellulite, another genetic proclivity, can also affect this area, and no amount of sit-ups or dieting can substantially alter this.

  1. Tummy Tuck – Also known as an abdominoplasty, tummy tucks are a major surgery designed to remove excess skin and tissue, all while strengthening and tightening the abdominal wall. The procedure, when done properly, will hide the scarring as best as possible, though some residual scarring will most likely be visible.
  2. “Mini Tummy Tuck” – The mini-abdominoplasty, or “mini tummy tuck”, is substantially less invasive,than an and gives wonderful results in most patients. Another advantage: it costs significantly less. It involves the procedure known as smart liposuction — liposuction done with laser —  which is less invasive and less traumatic. It tightens skin, has a faster recovery period, and is performed under local anesthesia.

Other Options

  •  Laser Body Sculpting of the abs, hips and thighs
  • Cellulite Reduction with Laser and Smart Liposuction
  • Fat Transfer; May be to the Buttocks, Breasts, Face or all
  • Laser Skin Tightening for Skin and  Tummy tightening

Each woman handles their “mom body” differently, and no one option is better than the other, save in the eye of the beholder. For more information on Mommy Makeovers, click here, or consult your physician.*

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